What the freak is that chainsaw fish?

It grows up to 20 feet long, has the body of a shark, and looks like a chainsaw is growing out of its face – this is the largetooth sawfish.

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that they’re considered quite docile if left alone. The bad news is that they’re normally found close to the shore, lying on the sandy bottoms… so just watch your step! Ezpz.

Look at my nose-chainsaw.
Simon Fraser University – University Communications

Largetooth sawfish don’t hunt for humans. In fact, people have hunted them to near extinction! Now protected as an endangered species, the only trade of sawfish allowed is the trade of live sawfish between aquariums from Australia. If any country can handle strange dangerous animals, it’s Australia.

I’m gonna boop you.
Flavia Brandi

The largetooth sawfish hunts by swimming through a school of fish, blindly shoving its rod from side to side, hoping to get lucky. Much like my experience with Tinder except largetooth sawfish usually get lucky at least once.

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