What the freak is that fluff bug?

Kind of terrifying but also cute, this abominable snowman-looking thing is called a silkworm moth.

Silkworm moths cannot fly. They are condemned to 5-10 days of wandering the Earth with their six awkward legs, searching for a mate, before they die of starvation.

The name’s Fluffems. Puppet Fluffems.

Why not eat?

The silkworm moth Gods never bothered with those pesky details like working mouth parts or functioning wings. It is better to think of the hair under their eyes as extravagant little beards, because there is no mouth hidden in there.

After mating, the female silkworm moth will lay between 300 and 500 eggs, and then die. That’s it. That’s all she does. But hey! At least she knew her purpose in life, which is more than most of us can say.

The male silkworm moth will search for yet another mate if he’s feeling young and spry enough. With such a short lifespan and no food to eat, you may as well have fun?

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