What the freak is that ground owl?

Burrowing owls are weird, even by owl standards. They hunt during the DAY and prefer to live UNDERGROUND. They take over burrows of badgers and prairie dogs but if no suitable homes present themselves, these owls will settle for piles of PVC pipe.

Burrowing owl being a burrowing owl.

Are you tired of laying eggs and then starving to death because you can’t leave them alone? Have I got the solution for you! Simply cover the entrance of your home with animal dung and say goooodbye to starvation! 

These crafty birds have figured out a way to make the egg laying process easier! By covering the entrance of their burrow with dung, dung beetles and other insects find their way into the burrowing owls’ homes, supplying the owl with a quick snack!

Davis, California
Becky Matsubara

If a predator ventures too close, the burrowing owl will begin to bounce up and down like a boxer readying for a fight. It does this to judge the size and distance of the potential threat. Since the owl can’t move its eyes, head bobbing is a matter of survival. 

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