What the freak is that luscious lipped creature?

I’ll tell you what you’re looking at here. It’s a solid 10. 

This bad boy of a fish is called the red-lipped batfish.

Although it lives underwater, this fish is about as good at swimming as a drunk baby is at walking. Not that I’ve ever seen a drunk baby. I’m also not saying that I haven’t.

My eyes are up here.
Rein Ketelaars

The red-lipped batfish prefers to walk along the sea bed in search of food and perch on its fins while it surveys its surroundings. With lips as fine as those, prey is practically begging to be eaten.

My eyes are still up here.
Barry Peters

The horn-looking thing on its head is called an illicium. It’s thought to be used for luring prey, but I’m under the impression that it’s just God’s gift that turns this fish from a 9 into a perfect 10.  

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