What the freak is that pokemon?

It’s glaucus atlanticus!

This sexy sea slug is actually tiny! It rarely exceeds three centimeters! But don’t take its sting lightly, it feasts on the Portuguese Man-of-War and grows more deadly with every meal.

Sylke Rohrlach

The glaucus atlanticus stores the stinging cells of the Portuguese Man-O-War into its own body, biding its time until the perfect opportunity to strike.

Its concentrated power grows and grows until this blue beast of nightmares unleashes it on the poor, unfortunate soul that sees it as prey.

Portuguese Man-O-War

This terrifying blue dragon has a special ability called “countershading.”

Floating on its back, the glaucus atlanticus’s brightly colored underbelly blends in with the waves, making it impossible to see from above the water, and its grayish backside blends in with the ocean’s surface, making it impossible to see from below.

But hey! Go swimming this summer. I dare you.

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