What the freak is that cute hippo?

Wow! A hippo with a little snout! And it’s called a pygmy hippo! How cute is that?! I just want to give it a little pat on the head! I wouldn’t do that. It’s cute, but that shorter snout can still cut you clean in half so don’t treat it any differently than the common […]

What the freak is that chainsaw fish?

It grows up to 20 feet long, has the body of a shark, and looks like a chainsaw is growing out of its face – this is the largetooth sawfish. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that they’re considered quite docile if left alone. The bad news is that they’re […]

What the freak is that ground owl?

Burrowing owls are weird, even by owl standards. They hunt during the DAY and prefer to live UNDERGROUND. They take over burrows of badgers and prairie dogs but if no suitable homes present themselves, these owls will settle for piles of PVC pipe. Are you tired of laying eggs and then starving to death because […]